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About us

Tue, 07/25/2017 - 07:27


The institute is located on the eighth and twelfth floors of the College of Life Sciences building, with a total space of about 800 square meters. 


Our hardware equipment includes: High performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), automatic biosensor (BioCore), fluorescence spectrophotometer (Fluorescence Spectrophotometer), ultracentrifuge (Ultracentrifuge), fluorescence microscope, ultrasonic pulverizer, homogeneous flow cell disruption Machine, fluorescent light glue system, etc.




    During the post-genomic era, biochemistry is uniquely poised at the nexus between molecular structure and molecular function with the goal of understanding how the functions of thousands of encoded proteins and noncoding RNAs integrated to bring about the highly coordinated behavior of cells underlying various microenvironmental conditions in organisms and how these interactions may be further applied to translational biosciences.

    The research of our department focuses at the central dogma of molecular biology – replication, transcription and translation with the perspective views of structural and functional interaction and application in synthetic biology, paving the paths to biochemical industry. The composition of our faculty members includes both investigators with professionals in structural and functional biology.  The branch of structural biology focuses at the molecular structure of component in c-di-GMP signaling and membrane proteins, resolving the macromolecular structure and understanding the underlying regulatory mechanisms for design of synthetic enzymes and the development of vaccines and small compounds with therapeutic applications. By contrast, the research branch for functional study focuses at pathogen-host interaction, circadian rhythm, natural compound application, and regulation of ribonucleic acids.

    Our department offers broad range of courses related to topics in biochemistry. The core courses, advanced biochemistry and instrumental analysis, consolidate the fundamental principles and methodologies in biochemical analyses for students. Several special topics hosted by faculty members according to their expertise provide both integrative and inter-topic learning environment. In addition, the department also provides a course, the problem solving-oriented practice in bio-industry, to increase the experience and understanding of biotech-related job for student, enhancing the cooperation with potential biotech companies.

    Taken altogether, our department is one of the best biochemistry-related research institute in Taiwan. We have great space allocation and adequate facilities for both research and teaching purposes. We have been able to compete funds from various funding agencies such as MOST and MOE. The solid network built among the students, alumni and faculties would also consolidate the development of translational biosciences, bridging the basic research to application in industry.